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tom coleman workshop in minnesota oct 9th & 10th 2004

updated sun 21 dec 03


Tony Ferguson on sat 20 dec 03

October 9 - 10, 2004 in Minnesota (Minneapolis or Duluth)
Cost: $150 for the two day workshop ($75 full time student) or $100 day

Contact Tony at or 218-727-6339 for information


Saturday, Oct 9th, First Day:
1. A brief history of his involvement with porcelain as a medium.
2. A demonstration of throwing several different forms and creating
altered pieces.
3. Throwing functional forms.
4. An ongoing discussion and demonstration of different
decorating/surface application techniques.

Sunday, Oct 10th, Second Day:
1. Assembling the pieces produced the day before.
2. A discussion on various ways of formulating porcelain clay bodies
and slips.
3. A brief discussion on how to approach marketing your work.
4. A discussion on how to take good professional quality photographs of
your work for consideration in magazine's, books, and entry in fairs and
5. Tom's approach and general philosophy on working as a clay artist for
the last 37 years.
6. A slide show of Tom's past and present work
7. Tom Coleman (high end work) pot raffle

Tom is willing to cover most any subject that the participants might bring
up during the workshop. He has 37 years of experience and is willing to
share information with any one who wants to know certain things. Tom will
also have his work and books available for purchase at the workshop.

Thank you.

Tony Ferguson
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