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why not poison yourself?

updated sun 21 dec 03


mel jacobson on sat 20 dec 03

this entire thread about manganese and lead reminds
me of how outraged the folks were at the art center
when i waltzed in as a new board member and yanked
the toxic materials off the shelf.

just took them...and locked them up.

`how dare you?...we always use a lot of manganese
in our temmoku.` it is a great glaze.

and then i said, `why do you stir the glazes with your hands
and arms...why not use a canoe paddle or something like
a drill?` ` we have always done that, why not?`

i said, `well, i will not let you poison yourself, then sue
the art center.` period.

lead and manganese are we do not need them
to make glaze. there are great recipes without.
why not use ron's recipe for temmoku? it is the best one
in the world. i gave them that recipe and they rejected it.
they wanted manganese.
they did get over it, and i think they are catching on. but, now
i have time for b.s. they can find their way...and
if they poison themselves, well that is all i can do.

then as our last post suggests, a government regulation.
or, shut down the pottery.

if we want to protect the craft, honor the craft...we have
to wake up...and take responsibility before others take
it away. even to the point of getting nasty.

does anyone wonder why i like gail bair?
she has courage and conviction..and does not
hide behind the door. she is a tiny woman, that
stands about six foot seven, and weighs 300 pounds when she is pissed..
i am proud to know her.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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