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vasefinder site

updated tue 23 dec 03


Bonnie Staffel on mon 22 dec 03

Dear Clayarters,

It was great to see the VaseFinder web site mentioned. I have been working
with him giving him names, dates and awards data of now famous potters from
my old museum competition catalogs. If any of you "old timers" participated
in these competitions, i.e. Everson Museum, Wichita Museum, Dayton Art
Institute, et al, he would appreciate information in your catalogs of the
shows. His archives are from the 20's to the 60's, both potters and clay

Also, if you own pots from that era, perhaps you could photograph them to
send for his archives. I have a number of them but are still packed from my
last move, such as a very, very early Paul Soldner, John Glick, Toshiko
Takaezu, and a few others I will have to check out.

Warm regards, Bonnie Staffel, Charlevoix, MI where I can type again after
CTS surgery. Updated