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updated wed 24 dec 03


Brooke Fine on mon 22 dec 03


Hi y'all,
If the holidays are getting to you, read this article for a laugh. In
the Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel , Felix restaurant on the top floor,
Phillip Starck built a lucite urinal against a glass wall . The British
would get their
knickers in a knot over that. Imagine a British Toilet Association.
Toilet ,loo, and lavatory designate
your class. The British : God love them cannot endure anyone knowing
they have to use a bathroom.
What about the explanation for this artistic public toilet creation :
comment on the contemporary art scene as well as a way "to subvert the
hierarchical nature of modernist architecture,"
Do the Brits go loony as the days shorten or what?
By the way, does anyone know what Santa does when he gets a a call of
nature up in the sky?
Happy Holiday,
Brooke Fine
It was sunny and 77F in Dallas today. As with postal employees Santa
might have to wear