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the narrative bowl

updated fri 2 jan 04


Hendrix, Taylor J. on wed 31 dec 03

Most excellend Geoffrey, but...

How much does the bowl cost, can I get multiples, and can I pick the

Taylor, in Waco

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mel jacobson wrote:

> a couple of concerns that i have about narrative.
> when does the artist decide?
> what is the narrative? when does it begin?
> when the work begins?
> when the work is in progress?
> or, later, when people talk about the work....
> is the narrative `made up`.
> or bullshit starts.

I really liked Mel's post and now, for my next Party Trick, I would like
to bring The Philosopher (Aristotle) into the picture.

Thus, in a nutshell, every narrative has a beginning, a middle and an
end. Moreover the superior kind of narrative should inspire pity and
fear. Let us now apply these concepts to Mel's example of the simple
bowl with the nice pattern of a fish on the side. We can recognise
immediately that the fish indeed has a beginning, a middle and an end,
so too does the bowl itself in terms of the process of creation. The
possible teleological or eshatological implications of the bowl and the
extent to which the Spectacle thereof may inspire pity and fear are
however matters best left to the individual Judgement of each Observer.

Geoffrey Gaskell on thu 1 jan 04

Regarding the narrative bowl, Taylor asks:

>How much does the bowl cost, can I get multiples, and can I pick the
Good questions...over now to our panel of experts!

Geoffrey Gaskell