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i would like to give a workshop in the indy area around nceca

updated fri 2 jan 04


Russel Fouts on thu 1 jan 04

Hope you have a healthy and prosperous 2004!

I would like to give a workshop in the Indy area around NCECA. I'm going to
NCECA and would be able to give the workshop either before or after. I'm
trying to finalize plans now. I'm looking for someone who would like to
organise one (or even two).

A few pieces of my work will be presented by John Hesselberth in his
presentation on alternative electric kiln firing so this might be a good
time to organise a workshop. Many Clayarters have already taken it and
really found it informative, useful and fun.

"Oh Yes You Can!" (Saggar Firing in an Electric Kiln)

Length, 2 days

This workshop explores a new possibility for users of electric kilns.

It has been a long held belief that burning any kind of combustible in an
electric kiln is hazardous to the kiln. I'll show how it can be done safely.

This workshop also explores the possibilities of alternative and
semi-permiable resists and techniques.

The workshop is process oriented, not product oriented.

I'm trying to give people a "spring-board" for experimenting with the
materials they find at hand.

I ask them not to expect a finished product from the workshops but a
"beginning", something to take home and continue to work with, look at,
learn from and re-work until the piece is
"finished" (what ever that may mean).

You can read more about it at

Contact me and we can talk particulars.


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