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life enrichment is for rich kids

updated fri 2 jan 04


Krista Peterson on wed 31 dec 03

Hmm, I wish I would have known that "life enrichment" was all I would get from going to college. I would have taken a different more inexpensive route. I'm not saying I expected to make enough money to buy myself all
kinds of silly things but I think that everyone that goes to college expects to be able to go out into the real world
with some practical knowledge as to how to make it as an artist. Whether that is teaching, making pots as a business, galleries, art therapy, grant writing, art administration, consulting, designing or whatever. I think that universities could introduce artists to different paths and and give them a few basics in business. To me the idea of going to school and taking classes is to dip your feet in the water of the real world and at least try out some things so you don't flounder so much when you have to do it for real. Give artists the practical along with the life enrichment and the whole art community will be so much more effective and will be able to support more artists so that they don't have to rely on their spouses. Art does not have to be a charity case.

Have a GREAT New Year! Now THIS is a holiday I can get into.
May 2004 be the year of the potter!
Krista Peterson