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ash glaze from the fireplace

updated sat 3 jan 04


Joann on fri 2 jan 04

Hi Theresa,
I've tried this with Ash ash and Maple ash from my fireplace at home,
scooped right out of the firebox. Dry dusted on with a kitchen seive or
wet, either way. My Ash ash yeilds a tan/light brown that breaks greenish.
Washed, it's a bit lighter and much more matte. I'd say try it on the
inside first, mine's wicked runny.

Good luck!
Joann in Maine

Teresa Testa on wed 31 dec 03 (Tess2552@CS.COM)

I would like to make a single fire ash glaze from the ashes in my fire
place. Has any one ever done this before? Do you have any suggestions.


Windancer Studio