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digital photography - free lessons

updated sun 4 jan 04


Millie Carpenter on sun 4 jan 04

David Valdez who was a white house photographer has put together a
website with how to info for adobe. this is geared toward kids, but
the info is good. the second site is one that he did for microsoft.
He also does some work for nikon. He is local (Annapolis) and comes to
the local apple user's group for a presentation a least once a year.
and brings with him the latest in nikon equipment. he is a generous
my digital camera is a sony, so I have gone to this site

this site is a google search of free digital lessons that I found a
while ago.

Millie in Md.

On Friday, January 2, 2004, at 09:46 PM, Earl Krueger wrote:

> Still haven't found my digital camera so I can't
> take pictures of my work to show you folks.
> (requirement for clay related topic satisfied)
> I guess I'll buy a new one. Only problem is
> I don't know too much about them, other than
> the basics. Did a little searching and found:
> "Famous for its books on digital cameras
> and digital photography.
> The online book I am currently reading is:
> "Choosing a Digital Camera".