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updated sun 4 jan 04


Helen Bates on sat 3 jan 04

Jan. 04th., 2004

Surfing with Helen Bates - Crystalline Glaze sork around the world - Jan.=
04th., 2004

I received a post from Edouard Bastarache today about the new web site fo=
French ceramist and crystalline glazer Denis Caraty .

Denis Caraty: (St-Martin-sur-Ocre, France)
(French and English)
Denis has been developing absolutely gorgeous ceramics-and-crystals work.=
His forms are either include eggs or vases. The crystals have amazing=20
patterns within their growth ranges, and the relationships of the crystal=
to one another are visually most satisfying. As for the eggs, they sit o=
their bases glowing like Faberge eggs decorated by nature (which, in trut=
they are.)

Long-time readers of Clayart will recognize Denis as Smart.Conseil, edito=
of the online ceramics resource:
"Acc=E8s au Monde de la C=E9ramique avec Smart.Conseil."
(This is a French site but has many articles in English, either written o=
translated by fellow Clayarter Edouard Bastarache.)

Don't forget to check his links to other crystalline glazers. (It's not=20
exhaustive, so if you are interested in who else is doing this work, chec=
the archives on the Clayart server:

I did this just now myself, and found three recent items of interest.

1; Diane Creber announced on Clayart that she is writing a new edition of=
her book on Crystalline glazes.
Here is her website again:
Diane Creber (Odessa, ON, Canada)

2. Marilu Tejero referred to Ted Secombe (Victoria, Australia)
Ted Secombe (Yarra Glen, Victoria, Australia)

(The second link gives aother e-mail address.)

3. Tony Hansen writes that Digitalfire is close to releasing Fara Shimbo'=
"Crystal Glazes II" book. It will also be available in print, on CD and a=
a download.

By the way, don't forget about the superb glaze technologist and=20
crystalline glazer Lasse Ostman of Sweden:

Finally, here's a collector's page of "links to links" to crystalline gla=
Christine Alice Corcos page:
Artists currently Working With Crystalline Ceramics


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