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grayson perry will be at nceca

updated sat 10 jan 04


Russel Fouts on mon 5 jan 04

Wonder what he'll be wearing? ;-)

Indiana University, School of Fine Arts, 1201 E. 7th Street, Bloomington,
Contact: John Goodheart (812) 855-4395. Tangents: Ceramics and
Beyond. March 14-16. School of Fine Arts, Indiana University,
Bloomington, Indiana. An opportunity for a limited number of participants
to attend a hands-on symposium which will include workshops, lectures,
demonstrations, unique tours and exhibitions. Janet Koplos, Matthew Kangas,
Josh Deweese, Martin Tagseth, Liu Pinchang, Julia Galloway, Brad Schwieger,
Boomer Moore, Judy Fox, James Watkins, Matt Long, John Chalke, Akio
Takamori, Paul Matheiu, Grayson Perry and others. Fee, limited to 150
persons. Information: Indiana University Conference Bureau, 812-855-4661/
fax 812-855-8077, or Indiana University School of
Fine Arts, Bloomington, 812-855-7766, fax 812-855-7498,


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Gene and Dolita Dohrman on fri 9 jan 04

Last night I was reading "the practical potter, a step-by-step handbook" by
Josie Warshaw (no caps in the original title). I happened across a picture
of a pot and knew immediately it was a Grayson Perry before I even read the
caption. Interestingly, he had titled the piece "Bad Art Bad Pottery".
Seems he doesn't take himself too seriously. It is on page 47 if anyone is
interested. By the way, this is a great little book, full of various
techniques, processes, and glaze recipes. Covers everything from setting up
the studio to selling your work. It has a page in the back that gives the
chemical formula for all the glaze oxides they use in the book.
Louisville, KY

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> Wonder what he'll be wearing? ;-)