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shared studio space

updated tue 6 jan 04


lili krakowski on sun 4 jan 04

Before you nail down the cost, please, I beg you, consult an insurance =
agent. No kidding. No fooling. DO IT.

I know all these things start with good will and friendliness. So many =
end in tears and rage. Item: I rent a space, I pay my rent, I go away =
for six weeks. Can my best friend use that space? Can I go away on =
Sabbatical, for a year, let a friend use the space? Can I sublet? I =
have a space, it really is too big for me; can I sublet to another =
potter who ALSO makes jewelry or buttons?

I slip and break a leg. I am convinced the person responsible for =
studio maintenance was negligent. A fellow tenant did not realize a =
clay bucket was leaking., I slip on the unexpected, unforseen slip on =
the floor. =20

BIG TIME etc. Talk to a lawyer about how to set this up; talk to an =
insurance person....