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help me find an old building somewhere - bison studios & i really need

updated wed 7 jan 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on tue 6 jan 04

to move!

Hi all...

Let me know (off Site) if there are any Old Buildings in
your area as
may be had cheap.

I need some Commercial type space, from 3,000 to 10,000
sq.feet there-abouts.

Must be Old, earnest, and in decent or reasonably repairable
Must be cheap, as either where some County has seised for
taxes', some languishing private party offering with a
curled up 1972 Calandar on the wall, or whatever...

(Minnesota has many good ones to choose from of both does Detroit...)

And priced as from a few grand up to maybe 50 grand...

I am very open minded as to location.

My present location is likely going to terminate soon, maybe
quite soon even...after
17 years of being here in this spot...and, in theory, this
whole neighborhood is slated to be razed anyway.

Which is fine with me as I do want TO move...

The challange has been two fold: "Where" to go?
... and, where as
will have something I can afford...?

I missed the opportunities in Tacoma Washington ( 1997ish),
and on some areas of Indianna ( early 1990s)...sigh...

Any ideas or information would be greatly appreciated...

I am exploreing other angles as well, such as inquireing of
various Counties in various States, and thought if I asked
you all, maybe I might get lucky...or find some good


Best Wishes,

Philip Poburka
proiprietor - maker, &c.,
Bison Studios
Las Vegas