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updated thu 8 jan 04


Joyce Lee on wed 7 jan 04

Brad from Grass Valley asked:
"Can anyone recommend an on-line discussion group for woodworking?"

#1 SP used to try different wood groups
periodically, hoping to find something at
least a little wood-newbie friendly..... really
hoping to find a wood Clayart... or
Woodart. It never
happened. Connections weren't made so
easily..... novicedom wasn't appreciated ...
generally the ambience was Unfriendly and
Ready to Pounce on any who permitted
their ignorance to be seen. Sad.

I did once find a weavers group for a friend.
It was very close to our Clayart group in
style, helpfulness, fun, give&take ..... I almost
joined it myself but decided that being a
Serious Novice (at the time) in two such
groups was too much for one Old Lady. That
was several years ago and my friend is
still thrilled to have My Own Group.

You might consider starting your own group,
Brad. It must be a little easier to do so now
than it was back when Joe&Richard began

In the Mojave where it's still night at 6:30 a.m.
...... where the silvered moon silhouettes its
desert world .... every cactus, fence, house and
short, bounding westie emanates an eerie
glow .... where it's good to come in from the
cold .... put on the tea .... find a bone to chew
on after a majestic run out to the gate and
back many times ....... and trek out to the
warm studio.......

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> Hi all,
> Can anyone recommend an on-line discussion group for woodworking?
> Brad
> Grass Valley, CA
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