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updated fri 9 jan 04


Earl Krueger on tue 6 jan 04

"Kohler", as in faucets, showers, etc.

Words can not describe the "Kohler Art Museum Mensroom":

I do believe this would classify as narrative art.

On page 2 is "John Michael Kohler Arts Center", sculpture and masks.
On page 3 is "Milwaukee Art Museum".
On page 5 is "Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright".

Bothell, WA, USA

logan johnson on thu 8 jan 04

Earl Krueger wrote:
"Kohler", as in faucets, showers, etc.

Words can not describe the "Kohler Art Museum Mensroom":

Bothell, WA, USA

Hi Earl !

I saw a show one time that was all about the Kohler factory/musems. At the time I was focused on using low fired glazes to put murals & things on commercial tiles. I was so blown away by the mens room they had that I'm still talking about it at least three years later. that I see it in print maybe that's not the best way to put it but you get the idea since you've seen the room for yourself . I guess it's best if one doesn't think too hard about the subject matter when discussing the wonderful work of the Kohler artists (not that bathroom/potty humor would EVER find tempory shelter HERE of all places) And it IS wonderful work! I hope one day if the oportunity ever comes up I'll be able to see it . Almost as much as my hubby lives in FEAR of that very thing ! ; ^ D Have a good one! C-YA !!! ___________________________________________________________________________
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