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updated fri 9 jan 04


Helen Bates on thu 8 jan 04

Dear Clayarters;

More on "Larry Davidson":

Larry Davidson (Little Creek Pottery) (Idaho, USA)
The marvellous "Wayback Machine" of the Internet Archive web site has
archived virtually all of Larry's former Littlecreek Pottery web site.

(This pottery was located in Alto, NM, USA)
Such fine and confident forms, it is good to be able to see this many, as
well as what is on the gallery sites which handle his work.

I guess the gardener I was thinking might be the Littlecreek Larry
Davvidson was another Larry Davidson.

... ... ... Aha!

The Canadian Larry Davidson is here:

(The Selfridges' Canadian Ceramic Art Collection)
and here:

(Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery Permanent Collection)

According to the Selfridges' site, the Canadian Larry Davidson is in Acton,
Ontario, Canada, which is where the Gardening Larry Davidson also resides.
I presume that at least these two are one and the same.

An interesting odyssey.

The odd thing is that both of these namesake potters have stopped doing
pottery, as far as I can ascertain.

Thanks to Bert Gibson for his help.


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