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small children and clay

updated sat 10 jan 04


Pat Southwood on fri 9 jan 04

Please can anyone help with any clay related stories suitable for ages =
4-6, thanks.

Keisha on fri 9 jan 04

Hey Pat

How you doing? Hope you're well. I don't know what you
mean about kid related clay stories but there is this
website I know of that might help you. It's really
nice, and I just wanted to move to California when I
viewed it hahah. There is this pottery studio in
California called Kids 'N' Clay Pottery Studio owned
by a local potter there. They teach young kids and
teens how to handbuilding and throwing with clay.
Maybe you can find some exercises for the kids on the
site. Here it is:

Hope this helps. I sure enjoyed viewing. Take care and
God bless....

Keisha Pegues
Mound Bayou, MS

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