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best material for tile mounting

updated tue 20 jan 04


Katharine Beisner on fri 16 jan 04

Dear Ceramists,

I've created a large (36" x 22") tile mosaic made of nine large tiles. =
I'd like to mount=20
it in a way suitable for gallery display. I'd like the mount to be =
invisible so I imagine=20
cutting the exact shape of the mosaic (oval) out of some board and then =
using some=20
adhesive to attach the tiles to the board.

Any suggestions for the mounting board material?
concrete or cement backer board?
hardy board?

Any suggestions for the adhesive? I do not plan on grouting.

Thanks for sharing your experience,
Katharine Beisner

Susan Fox-Hirschmann on fri 16 jan 04

I have used marine grade plywood, for areas that might have high moisture in
the air. where there migh be a tendency to warp.....but this is lots more
expensive than regular plywood, 3/4" I feel works best. I paint the wood the
exact color of the tile work base and make it smaller than the tiles by about
1/4-1/2 " so it is not seen.
On all pieces I use liquid nails....nothing works quite as well and I do
believe it is archival. I have used a couple of different hanging systems, and I
am now doing some very large mosaics that will have "french cleats" to hang
them. The smaller pieces will be hung with wire that runs entirely thru the
board before the porcelain pieces are joined.

Good luck!
Annandale, VA

Catherine Yassin on sun 18 jan 04

In a message dated 1/16/2004 11:49:32 AM Central Standard Time,
kbeisner@GRANDECOM.NET writes:

> Any suggestions for the adhesive? I do not plan on grouting.

Katherine, how about velcro?

-Cat Yassin
San Antonio