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updated sat 17 jan 04


Joyce Lee on fri 16 jan 04

I'm thrilled to report that we have Co-Chairmen
for the Clayart Mug Exchange in the Clayart
Room!! It requires a lot of work on the part of
the chairmen, that's for sure. But I know that
co-chairs Cheryl Litman and David Hendley=20
will rise to the task. They've had several
claybuds volunteer to help with the committee
work! Great.

You'll be hearing more from them in the near
future. Anybody getting excited?

In the Mojave where I now take my own trash
cans out&in for the sanitation guys. (I used to
hire Enrique to go to the dump but decided I
needed to take charge of the daily events of
my life.) Anyway, if you're very, very short
....... as is the westie..... this is a most=20
anticipated chore ...... wrangling those big, ol'
cans (may a "can" be made of plastic??)
and threatening
every rabbit, raven, or car that appears to have
intentions toward Our Garbage........ I feel very