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updated sat 17 jan 04


Charles Hughes on thu 15 jan 04

Dear Friends,

Since I teach from a community studio in a college town, I get a lot of requests from my students for information on community studios all over the world, so I am trying to compile a list I can post on our website of places they can go for either further instruction, or where they can get some kind of membership where they can pursue their ceramic studies on their own. I am also looking for studios I can send folks to when they are traveling overseas somewhere, I've had requests for places they can 1) Visit and talk shop 2) Barter work for a place to sleep 3) Apprentice 4) Rent space
If you would like to be on this list, please send me contact information off-list and explain for what reasons you are willing to be contacted.

I am especially interested in collecting community studio information. Right now one of my former students is transferring to Princeton and is looking for a place she can putter and potter and perhaps even take some classes when she is not working. If anyone has recommendations, please contact me off list at

Thanks in advance,

Charles Hughes (our community studio)

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