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nceca info-volunteers and food

updated sun 18 jan 04


Sandy Meadors on sat 17 jan 04

There is need for volunteers for the conference. There will be incentitives
and/or discounts for those who do help out. Please e-mail
Quincy Owens

for information.

More info on eating in Indy

Slippery Noodle at Meridian and South st (about 4 blocks from the
conference. Oldest blues bar in Indy and a great place to hang out. Food
is okay, but mustic and ambiance is great.

Ratzkeller--a little farther away, need a cab for this-great German pub and

Clannadh (Not sureof spelling)- good bar to hang out- not far away either.

Bertlinis- in the Circle Center Mall- good Italian food.

Sandy Meadors