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surfing with helen bates (usa west and collectibles sites) jan. 19th.,

updated tue 20 jan 04


Helen Bates on mon 19 jan 04


Surfing with Helen Bates (USA West and Collectibles sites) Jan. 19th., 20=

Mendocino Artists & Artisans (Ft. Bragg, CA, USA)

Clay related artists (sculptors, mixed media, pottery, clay mosaic)
Dancing Dragon Pottery, Debra De Graw, Charles Spill=E1r, Elizabeth
Raybee, Alexis Moyer, Peggy Brundahl

Deese, Rupert J (CA, USA)
(Artscenecal - Tobey C. Moss Gallery)

Over 50 years in pottery, Deese was a designer for Franciscan Ware. He
now throws very fine and well-controlled functional forms whose surfaces
he grinds to "seductive" smootheness.

Paul Soldner (CA, USA)

(another Artscenecal listing)

University of colorado fine arts department (Ceramics area)
Scott Chamberlin
Jean Quinn

Portland Community College (Oregon, USA)
Full-time Instructors: Charles Washburn, Kristine Masthem

Rikki Gill (Clayarter) (Berkeley, CA, USA)
Rikki Gill - URL:
Nice new site for Rikki. I think her deep-coloured floral glazed plates
are works of art. Her one of a kind pieces are wonderful.

Humboldt State U (Ceramics) (Arcata, CA, USA)

Faculty with links: Lou Marak, Keith Schneider, Nancy Frazier.
Student Work (both sculptural work and functional pots) is also shown.

A few collectible pottery sales and search sites

These are a few recently found web sites for sales of collectible pottery=
There may be some studio pottery available at various times, though th=
emphasis will be on well-known factory and large USA production potteries
of the past.

4PotteryDeals Art Pottery

Categorizes and links to much "art pottery" and "china and dinnerware"
offered on "eBay." May be useful for collectors. There is no specific
studio pottery category, but try "American Art" under "Art pottery" or
"Stoneware" under "China, Dinnerware." The various categories are
searchable, so try searching for terms like "hand." Note that there is a
contact link for e-mail but no other company information is given, and th=
the site will generate some pop-up ads. There is a redirect site to eBay
and this may get busy and time out at times.

Teapot Treasures

(All sorts of teapots, including many hand made)

The Pottery Zone:

Seems to be connected with which mainly
sells Roseville pottery in the secondary sales market. There is also a
connection with . Sometimes has a few hand formed
pieces, and of course, the older Roseville pottery may be handthrown.

The Noisy Boy and Disorderly Girl

This site occasionally has studio pottery such as this recently-sold
Jacomena Maybeck Vase:

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