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fara shimbos new crystal glazes book is out

updated wed 21 jan 04


Tony Hansen on tue 20 jan 04

Crystal glaze info is the number one requested
technical topic on our website right now. And Fara
has a Masters degree in hard work and dedication when
it comes to this subject.

The paper version of the book will not be ready until
mid Feb but the eBook and CD versions are ready now.
We are sharing the proceeds 50:50 and will both sink
them back into this endeavor. She prepared and laid
out the book completely herself using Linux publishing
and graphics software. She will be at NCECA.

You must have a high speed DSL or Cable internet
connection to download, it is a 17mb file.

The sample file is less that 2mb. You can get it here
using your digitalfire password or your email:

What is new in version 2?

We have a new woman in this new book, still pretty wild but wiser and well seasoned by workshop experience. She has new and better reduction methods and equipment. There is a great symbiosis between the book and Fara’s web site (she is a webmaster now). She was a slow adopter of electronic kiln controllers but has now embraced them in a way that only a crystallier can.
- She has a better camera and a better microscope.
- This edition is packed with more practical and concise information.
- Fara corrects many ideas in the first book and enlarges in many ways.
- Much of the reference type information has been moved to Fara’s website.
- There are fewer recipes with a better understanding of the remaining ones.
- She has summoned the help of many well known ceramic technicians.
- She has discovered rare earth oxides.
- There are many more sample tiles showing how variations in formulation affect crystals and color.
- There many pictures of beautiful pieces from artists from around the world.

Tony Hansen,
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