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surfing with helen bates (usa east) (january 19th., 2004)

updated wed 21 jan 04


Helen Bates on mon 19 jan 04

Surfing with Helen Bates (USA East) (January 19th., 2004)

Toshiko Takaezu (Flemington, New Jersey USA)

(Featured on the web site of Shiho Kanzaki)
The artist's natural ash ware with superb form and subtle colouration

Walters, Carl (Woodstock, NY. USA) (b.1883 - d.1955)

Caterpillar (Blue and green glaze) (1945) (Detroit Intitute of Arts)

Figured bowl (black figures on blue-green ground)
The caterpillar is a marvellous sculptural piece.

Brockett, Troy C (MD, USA)

Specializes in coiled pots. Works in raku, and also crystalline glazes,=20
applied on the interior of bowls. Of interest is a leopard print stool=20
with crystalline footings. His raku pieces are of white clay; the=20
crystalline-glazed ones are of a red-brown body.
(There is a small section of four photos of Brockett giving a raku=20
workshop. In one shot he is shown moving a large piece from kiln to=20
reduction location with gloves and special pads, no tongs - whew!)

Brookfield Craft Center (Brookfield, CT, USA)

Faculty with personal websites (some have been featured earlier):
Chris Alexiades (Brookfield, CT (?), USA)

(Mainly works in stoneware, especially wood-firing)
Michael Connelly Pottery (Shelburne, VT, USA)

Ceramics Program Director, Shelburne Craft School; Adjunct Professor=20
Graduate Education, and Sculpture, Saint Michael=92s College, Colchester,=
Connelly's soda-fired stoneware has a stolid strength of form and an=20
admirable quietness of colour.
Peter Callas (Belvidere, NJ, USA)

(Worth revisiting, as it seems to have been updated.)
Elizabeth MacDonald (Bridgewater, CT, USA):

(Painting with tiles - Tile work both in 2D and 3D installations)
Jeff Zamek:

(Runs a ceramics consulting service)

David Rago Auctions (Lambertville, NJ, USA)

(David was only sixteen when he became a dealer in American art)
John Sollo & David Rago - Modern Auction Weekend (USA)

You can view two years of back catalogues, as well as catalogues for
upcoming auctions, in chronological order:
This is the list of ceramists past and present whose work was up for
auction on Saturday, March 8, 2003: Dorothy Becker, Joe Mariscal, Walter
Sinz, Clayton Bailey, Richard Shaw, Tony Natsoulos, Howard Kottler, Ron
Nagle, Antonio Prieto, Edgar Littlefield, Peter Voulkos, Beatrice Wood,
Richard DeVore, William Wyman, F. Carlton Ball / Aaron Bohrod, Toshiko
Takaezu, Karen Karnes, Edith Sonne Brun, William Wyman, Betty Woodman,
Ettore Sottsass, Ann Smith, Gambone, Pablo Picasso for Madoura, Jim
Melchert, Charles Catteau for Boch Freres, Fantoni, Robert Hudson, Russel
Wright for Bauer, Maija Grotell.

Fayetteville Manlius School Distric (Manlius, NY, USA)

(The school has a large art department, with a 40 week ceramics studio=20
program.) "This course is designed for students who enjoy working with=20
clay. The student of ceramics will create a wide variety of objects from=20
utilitarian, such as pottery, to unique expressive sculpture. Students wi=
be introduced to ancient as well as contemporary hand building, wheel=20
throwing and firing techniques. Field trips and visiting artists will=20
supplement students knowledge of one of the world's most universal creati=
activities." (Extensive on-site resources)

Jeff Schlanger (The Music Witness) (New York, NY, USA)

(Jazz happenings artist and ceramic sculptor)
Also: Jeff Schlanger (One Final Note) (New York, NY, USA)

Karen Michelle Tiles (St. Augustine, FL, USA)

(Dealer in antique tiles and art pottery amongst other objects, and has a
section for pottery reference books, mostly collectors's titles)
The site is well-organized and technically well-written. The detailed
pages are somewhat slow to load. Most interesting are the tiles sections=
of which there are several.

Left Bank Gallery - American Crafts (Orleans and Wellfleet, MA, USA):

Ceramics: Dina Angel-Wing, Ash Works, Davy Pottery, Dog Bar Pottery (Sam=
Taylor), Linda Fox, Nancy Gardner, Carol Green, Hatfields' Clayworks, Luc=
Jahsman, Ben Krupka, Washington Ledesma, Mactavish & Herzog, Ochra Potter=
(Michael Kline), Stonepool Pottery (Mark Shapiro), Janet Albert, Karen=20
Ford, Barbara Hanselman. Wow! Another great find! Thanks to Charles=20
Blim's Vasefinder online museum for this, in a round-about way. I found=20
the name "Edith Kiertzner Heath" and liked the pot I saw there, and looke=
for more on the Internet. She showed recently at the Left Bank Gallery,=20
although the gallery doesn't (yet) have any of Heath's work online.

Edith K. Heath (CA, USA)

There's a piece with several views here of one of her fine designs:

"Co-founder of Heath Ceramics and famed potter Edith Heath, at 91, is not
the active force she once was, but comes into the shop regularly."
(Paraphrased from Art by the Bay "Get lost--and tempted--in San Francisco
and neighboring Sausalito" by Alison Owings.

None of Heath's one-of-a-kind work is presently viewable, except for this
piece available for the moment at eBay:


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