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surfing with helen bates (great britain and europe) (january 21st.,

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Helen Bates on wed 21 jan 04


Surfing with Helen Bates (Great Britain and Europe) (January 21st., 2004)


Nuria Pie (Barcelona, Spain)
(Spanish and Portuguese)
The artist makes one-of-a-kind vessels and sculptural work (Activitat=20
Artistica) as well as wheel-thrown production pots for use in the home=20
(Activitat Commercial.) There is a short video of Nuria forming a small=20
bowl off the hump in the "Activitat Commercial" section. The artist's ha=
positions, and perhaps the wheel direction, differ from what is usual in=20
North American throwing. (Needs Flash viewer installed.) The site is no=
translatable using Altavista's Babelfish or other online translation=20
software, because of the format, which throughout, is not text, but flash=
Fortunately, there is very little text to worry about, with the excepti=
of the section on security and privacy, which can be copied and translate=

Antonio Soriano (Espacio Ceramica - Ceramic Space) (Gij=F3n, Asturias, Sp=

The owner is a tile maker, and offers studio teaching to adults and=20
children in Spanish. His portfolio of tiles has some very striking glaze=
effects. Some of the tiles are glaze landscapes, while others are=20
non-representational. (There is a brief English text at the bottom of th=
introductory page linked by the words "Espacio Cer=E1mica.")

Ceramikarte (Spain) (For Spanish ceramists)

Ceramikarte's discussion forum "Foro de debate"

(Spanish language ceramics discussion forum)


Annette Sloth (Puls Contemporary Ceramics) (Brussels, Belgium)

The Puls Gallery is a showcase especially for avant-garde Danish ceramist=
as well as other international artists in clay. In either the Current or=
the Previous Exhibitions folder, move from one artist to another using
the right and left arrows at the top of the page. Move from one work by =
individual artist to another using the right and left arrows at the botto=
of the page.The current show has work by Gitte Jungersen and Barbara=20
Nanning. Previous shows include work by Mieke Everaet, Kristine Tillge=20
Lund, Veronica Poschl P=F6schl, Tjok Dessauvage, Beate Andersen, Bente=20
Skottgaard (Sk=F8ttgaard), Malene Mullertz (M=FCllertz), Steen Ipsen, Bod=
Manz, and a number of other European potters and ceramic sculptors.
(Thanks to Brooke Fine for this site.)

England (UK)

Michael Posner (London, England, UK)

This site showcases Michael Posner's work as a potter over the last nine=20
years. He specialises in slab work, but does thrown work as well. High=20
fired clay and glazes. The thumbnails in the Shop and Gallery sections c=
be clicked to load medium photos and these can also be enlarged. (His wo=
is in the Leach tradition.)

Yuriko Hill (London , England, UK)

Hand built stoneware and occasionally porcelain vessels. I am attracted =
the often very generously rounded and quite beautiful forms. To see her=20
latest work, click on "New Work." To access 5 galleries of earlier work,=
click on "See Previous Work." (Repeat on each page.)


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