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surfing with helen bates (australia and israel) (january 21st., 2004)

updated fri 23 jan 04


Helen Bates on wed 21 jan 04

Surfing with Helen Bates (Australia and Israel) (January 21st., 2004)

Christopher Plumridge (Claystone Pottery) (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia=

Handbuilt thrown and cast stoneware, porcelain and terracotta functional=20
ware, especially tableware. The tableware is either glazed in semi-gloss=
surfaces, or if matte, is lined with a glossy glaze, while more decorativ=
pieces have matte surfaces. His colours are subtle; often they are deepl=
intense in value, and dark in tone.

David Gregory (McCrae, Victoria, Australia)

Gregory's 3-D works are earthenware and stoneware sculptural pieces, most=
in the form of animal horns.

Pam Carey (Artwork Australia) (Cairns, Australia)

Very nice work in raku, coloured clays (probably porcelain), used for=20
thrown vessels, and earthenware, used for her figural sculptures.

Jennie Scott (Artwork Australia) (Cairns, Australia)

Scott's equestrian & wildlife sculpture in clay and mixed media is both=20
imaginative and strongly modelled.


Hilda Merom (Kfar Vradim, Galilee, Israel)

(born in Argentina and immigrated to Israel in 1971)
Hilda has adapted the saggar firing technique, using a combination of=20
organic materials, such as sea weed, shells, fruit peels, olive chaff,=20
copper wire, etc in order to obtain special textures and colors. These gi=
the Saggar-fired pieces a characteristic "ancient" look. Instead of usin=
clay saggars, Hilda builds a soft brick saggar inside the kiln and wraps=20
each piece with aluminum foil in order to hold the organic materials arou=
the work. Her everyday functional pottery forms are built intentionally=20
asymmetrical. They are fired at 1300=B0C, and meant for baking in microwa=
and regular ovens. (They are lead and barium free.) Besides frequently=20
exhibiting in Israel, Ms Merom has exhibited in juried shows in Australia=
Portugal, South Africa, and the USA.


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