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surfing with helen bates (more usa sites) (january 22nd., 2004)

updated sat 24 jan 04


Helen Bates on thu 22 jan 04

Surfing with Helen Bates (more USA sites) (January 22nd., 2004)

Longmont Arts (Longmont, CO, USA)

Longmont Arts Studio Tour 2003 Artists working in clay: Bruce Campbell;
Katy Diver; Robert C. Erickson; Dan Fogelberg; Katherine King; John
Minkler; Mark Rossier; Susan Stark; Janice Sugg; Wilda Swift;

Andora Gallery (Carefree, AZ, USA)

Gallery Artists (ceramics): Nicholas Bernard**, Jane Blackman, Fong Choo,
Lisa Henriques*, Shuji Ikeda**, James Lovera, Susan Margin**, Donald
Penny*, Mary Roehm, Kaiser Suidan. Coming Exhibition: "The Grande Dames
of Ceramics" featuring the work of Cynthia Bringle, Rose Cabat, Ruth
Duckworth, Sylvia Hyman, Karen Karnes, Marilyn Levine, Ann Mortimer,
Susanne Stephenson, Toshiko Takaezu, Paula Winokur, Susan Peterson
(February 1 - March 15, 2004) (no images as yet.)
(* Background image only; ** No image)

Gary Ferguson and Raku on Ebay

Gary's November Newsletter has links to a number of potters doing
decorative raku work. Some readers may be interested in the eBay "stores"
a few of them use. To check out the links, you will need to "copy and
paste" the urls from the newsletter into your browser address input box.
See the rest of Gary's newsletters here:

William K. Turner:

This is one of the listings mentioned in Ken's article. I mention it
particularly because on Turner's kiln building page, he refers to an
electric Raku Kiln, the Olympic model #1214.)

Audrey Cooper (New York, NY, USA)

Carved and painterly functional wheelthrown pottery.
(Thanks to Clayarter Linda Pahl for her link from her own new web site:

Handscapes Gallery (Beaufort, NC, USA)

Potters: Jim and Susan Whalen; Glenn Gage; Don and Marion Davis; Geoff
Lloyd; Robin Grazetti; Lisa Wolf; Marina Bosetti; Doug Dacey; Reid Harward
and Tannaz Farsi; Dale Mark.

Kim Barry-Van Voris (Clay Trout Pottery) (Mattapoisett, MA, USA)

(Custom Plant Containors - Thrown pots of all sorts, for gardeners)

William Waite (Nemmelgeb Murr) (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

This is an extensive puzzle site. Hover the mouse pointer over the image
in the lower right-hand corner and click. Check the front page of the
"shop" section for dinosaur puzzle vessels. For more puzzle vessels, click
on "Artifacts." (You'll also find a British puzzle mug and a cadogan
teapot featured at the "Vintage" page.)

Shirley Willard (Cooking with Shirley) "Cooking in Clay Pots"

Click on the left menu link "Cooking in Clay Pots."
(Included are a glossary, precautions, and a few recipes.)

Mark Wessels "The Drum Club" (Clay Water Pots, UDU Music)
Ram files of Latin American,
(African, Middle Eastern, Japanese plus Midi grooves of American music to
follow along with. A great site, which makes me want to take drum lessons.
(which is the whole idea, of course...)



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