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storing,recording test tiles. ode to....

updated mon 26 jan 04


Stephani Stephenson on mon 26 jan 04

I also do the same thing Lee does, I write with a sharpie on the face
of tiles after firing
other than that.....

Tests are scooped from the kiln
as soon as I'm able.
then spread out like cards
all over the table.

Then when I've stared, and studied and weeded
work must go on, plus the table is needed.
So they're placed in a box but not far away
For they're still my new children, don't want them to stray,

I drag them back out, then back in , for awhile
the good ones stay out, and cause me to smile
the others are boxed , banned to shelf , that's my 'file'
until I have questions, then out comes the pile.

I 'd try nails and hooks, but my wall would give way
I once strung up wire from Point B to Point A.
Tiles hung like stockings, or grandmother's laundry
strung out in a line, but still quite a quandry .
I envisioned a line with a pulley or tow,
but no, so back in the boxes they'd go

Mr. Currie comes along with a cute little grid
this will clean up my life and my desk, Ian said
and grids, yes they help, but they multiply too !
So tell me, dear friend, what's a test fiend to do?

Finally , I thought , this does need attention!
So with caulking and glue tiles were fixed in suspension
Hung on a board with great care and some pride
but somehow , like rabbits, they still multiplied.

Then finally I thought, it's time to get classy
so velcro was placed on board front and tile assie.
Boy was I happy, quite smug and all smiles
I could move them and change them and still see the tiles

Now don't get me wrong, I've discarded a lot
blind alleys and goofs and tiles that were NOT!

But tests they keep coming , like buds in the spring
and now i've decided there's only one thing
left to do with those tiles, tho it may seem unruly
That's to build a damn house from 'em. sign me , yours truly

Stephani Stephenson