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updated wed 28 jan 04


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Flat Rock Studio

Clay Supplies & Gallery

2002 S School, Fayetteville
Tues. – Fri. 11 - 5p & Sat 9a - 12noon
Phone 479-521-3181
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Please leave a message - My hands may be in mud.

Clay Workshops / Moist Clays, Glazes, Hand Tools, Books, Wheels, Kilns, and
Raw Materials

NEWSLETTER January 26, 2004

What’s New at Flat Rock

Kelley has finally completed the bookshelf and now you can see the many
titles we carry. So, hang out, browse and fix yourself a cup of tea or
coffee at the bar, get inspired and buy that book that sparks you. We also
have a few new products such as the Split-leg Apron and Jiffer Mixer. (used
for mixing clay, plaster and slip). Come see for yourself all the new items
and changes at Flat Rock Clay.

Tool of the Month is Rubber Latex

Love this stuff. It is often called liquid latex but is more like pudding.
It is used to make molds. The latex. Is applied over the original and
allowed to dry. Then a plaster form is maid to support it. It is really good
because it can handle undercuts and get into the tiniest details. A pint jar
is 10.95.

Workshop Information

On Sat, Feb 7th from 1-6 p.m. we will have a workshop on Plaster. It will
include facts and you will make a plaster bat for wedging or carving. Cost
is $75. Class size is limited to 6.

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March 5-7 Randy Broadnax will be our visiting artist. His Raku workshop will
be exciting and very informative. He is known as the “Rasty Alligator Story
Teller” and has developed many new ways of doing Raku. He teaches in the
Dallas area, and travels throughout the year doing workshops in the US and
Canada. The 2 day (Sa -Su) workshop is $195 before Feb. 13 and $215 after
and Free Slides Fri 7p.m.

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April is the Glaze Testing workshop and it will run for two Saturdays. You
will make tests, learn how to determine the amounts of colorants and trouble
shoot the results in a group setting. April 10th from 1-5 p.m. and 17th from
1-3. The cost is $95 ($115 after March 20).

The Mud Club - Show-n-Tell

Feburary 3 at 7 p.m. will be the next meeting of the Mud Club, an informal
gathering of like minded people who enjoy playing in the mud. Please bring
up to two of your favorite pieces - one of your “mentors” and one of yours.
It is nice to get to know each other along with ones work and influences. If
you don’t have actual pieces, pictures from will be just fine. It is the
spirit that counts with Show-n-Tell.

The April meeting will be the 6th and will include all sorts of goodies from
the NCECA conference.

The Mud Club meets the first Tuesday of the Even months at FRSCS at 7p..

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February Special:

DooWoo tools are all 10% off.

March Special:

10% off any New Kiln (ordered and paid for during the month of
March—excluding shipping costs but including all kiln furniture with kiln)

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Ramblings of a Mud Girl

By Kelley Wilks

As I am writing this there is a winter wonderland brewing outside. There are
a few views to this that are presently coming to my mind. First is the $709
gas bill I had last month for heating only. Secondly is the wonderful
excitement that I had as a child when I didn’t have to go to school the next
day. Snow angels. Warming in front of a roaring fire. Donuts and 4-wheeling
in the snow. Breaking the ice for the cattle to drink. The ice storm of New
years 78-79 when Sonya and I stayed with our great-grandmother since the
farm was fully electric and she had a gas furnace and stove. Skiing in
Colorado. Skiing in Banff, Canada. The beautiful frosty morning a few weeks
ago and the sparkle of the trees across the road. . . My mind is just
racing. This is a time of year as potters that we either get a lot of work
done or none. It depends on our work space and rhythms. It is nice when we
get into the rhythm of working and the mind is allowed to wonder into the
vast field of memories. It is a form of meditation and is very stress
reliving when done regularly. Here’s to a great couple of months of working
with clay. Enjoy!!!

Dates Closed

We will be closed for NCECA March 14-22, 2004

Please note these dates and I am very sorry for any inconveniences.

Workshop Registration

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late mail. Please remember to write neatly; if I can’t read it (your card
number is not good and/or I can’t call you back), you are not signed up for
the workshop. Refunds are prorated after the three week deadline. FRS will
mail conformation if more than one week prior to the workshop.

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