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updated thu 29 jan 04


David Hendley on tue 27 jan 04

I'm going on the 'NCECA Invitational Shuttle Route' on Wednesday.
It sounded like the most interesting and the most to see in a short
period of time.
See you there, Bonnie.
David Hendley

----- Original Message -----
> In looking at the NCECA information I was wondering about the tours for
> Wednesday and Saturday afternoon. There are 2 in the Indianapolis area,
> leaving every 15 minutes on both days (Wednesday all day, and Saturday
> afternoon starting at 1:30). There is a longer tour to Bloomington events
> (the tour lasting approximately 5 hours) leaving either Wednesday at 10:30
> or Saturday at 1:30 with NO tickets sold on site. Those tickets MUST be
> purchased ahead of time.
> There's a lot of information on the NCECA web site:
> under "Exhibition tours and
> shuttle", but as always it's hard for me to guage which ones to sign up

=?iso-8859-1?q?Marilu=20Tejero?= on wed 28 jan 04

I phoned the organizers and the suggestion is to take the Invitational and the Students tours on Wednesday, there is a shuttle leaving every fifteen minutes and one can stay as long as interested in one site or move to the next. And leave the Bloomington tour for Saturday , it is on a bus and it takes five hours.

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