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storing,recording test tiles.

updated sun 1 feb 04


Mert & Holly Kilpatrick on tue 27 jan 04

I have tried various ways of storing test tiles, some of which have already
been mentioned. One way that has some advantages (space-saving especially)
is to extrude test cylinders, cut them up about 3 inches long, and after
they are fired, string them on a piece of clothesline. I tie a knot in the
bottom so they can't slide off, and put a loop in the top. I hang them from
a nail on the corners of shelves. I put about 30 on one cord, and it hangs
from ceiling to floor. Two or three ropes can hang on one nail, so it is
quite economical space-wise, and they are quite accessible. (If you ever
want to take any off for some reason it is a big bother.)

I write the name of the glaze and sometimes some short notation on the
cylinder with indelible marker. The cylinders are numbered, and more
detailed testing information recorded by number and date in a testing

East Bangor

Ron Roy on sat 31 jan 04

Always have a cone close to any glaze tests and mark the cone bend on each
tile - if you know how much it was melted you stand a much better chance of
duplicating the glaze or applying the right kind of adjustments.

If you scratch through the glaze before firing you can also note the
thickness - a crucial factor for many glazes.


>I also do the same thing Lee does, I write with a sharpie on the face
>of tiles after firing
>other than that.....

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