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do you have tips or techniques for using the giffin grip?

updated sat 31 jan 04


Wendy Peck on fri 30 jan 04

Hi all,

I've working with the Giffin Grip staff to create a brand new Web site for
the Giffin Grip tool. One of the most important additions is a help, tips
and techniques section. I contacted Mel this morning about approaching list
members who have provided tips in the past, and he suggested that I drop a
note to the list. So, here I am.

We're looking for any tips to use the Giffin Grip in a better way. In my
search of the archives I saw mentions of a foam pad on the base, and ways to
contain the trimmings. Those are the suggestions we are looking for. If you
have pictures of the process, wonderful. If not, we would be happy to
include a picture of a finished piece that was completed using your method.
Pictures are a bonus, not a requirement for inclusion.

We also know that there are many potters creatively using the grip for
decorative purposes, and would like to collect those ideas into one spot.
Again, we'd love to have pics of the process, and failing that, a
representative image of work done with the decorative method would really
help to illustrate what can be done with a little creativity. Again, we
don't require an image to include the tip.

I will contact people who have written to ClayArt in the past for permission
to use their suggestions. If you don't hear from me in the next day or two,
and know you have one in the archives that you would like to share, please
contact me. I'll dig it up.

We won't use anyone's posts/ideas without definitive written permission from
the author. In all cases, if you choose, we will include your name, email
address and a link to your Web site with your tip. If you prefer anonymity,
that will be done.

Please contact me directly with your tips at, rather than
cluttering the list with this. When the site is ready, I'd be happy to let
you know, so you can see the collective ideas gathered from all Giffin Grip

Thanks for hearing me out, and thanks in advance to those who are willing to
share their methods.


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