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coming to nceca! yea!

updated mon 2 feb 04


Helen Bates on sun 1 feb 04

Dear friends,

Just a note to say how much I am looking forward to seeing a bunch of you
in Indianapolis in March.

Peter and I are driving down from Canada. The only part I'm not looking
foward to is the usual brush with officialdom at the border. This used to
be easy and without stress, but now, who knows, a nervous look on our
faces, or an awkward pause to remember what we've got with us in the car
might have us pulled aside for further questioning.

We've decided to cross into New York State at Lewiston, near Niagara, and
drive through PA, OH, and on into IN for this trip, hoping to avoid what I
can only imagine would be horrendous traffic at the border at the Detroit
Windsor crossing, the busiest border crossing between Canada and the USA,
with thousands of tractor trailers having to be passed through every day.

Still, I'd rather drive than fly. I was already becoming unwilling to fly
before 9 / 11 because of the drive to and from Toronto International
Airport, the need to fly into and out of a Hub, and then rent a car, or
take a taxi at the other end. Just didn't seem worth it, some how,
including that I don't like sitting in a narrow airbus for several hours,
cramping my muscles and cutting off the circulation to my legs... at least
with a car I can stop every hour for a 5 minute stretch, pee break, and

Sorry about the rant. I'm still absolutely looking forward to being at

Smiles all round... :-)))))))


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