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updated fri 6 feb 04


Debi Rudman on thu 5 feb 04


When I was managing the Ceramics Department at duCret School of Art in
Plainfield, NJ several years ago I did the Empty Bowls program two years in a row.
We created t-shirts to sell as well as having the other art students create
'hunger-feeding the hungry" 2-D artwork. I involved the community, Girl Scout
troops and others to come make bowls. Also involved an area high school
nutrition program to make soup and donate bread. It was a wonderful community
service program and the empty bowls website also gives interesting ideas.

There's a great website with all the history, information, etc...they even
send you a bisqued stamp to stamp all your pieces with the empty bowls symbol.
It's or Click here: Empty Bowls Official Web Site

Good luck with your program!

Debra Lampert-Rudman
See my Ceramic Art at
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