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jared 1-5-04

updated fri 6 feb 04


Charles Moore on thu 5 feb 04

Clayart friends,

Yesterday evening I managed to get a call through to Jared Branfman at =
Boston Children's Hospital. He seemed to be in remarkably good spirits =
after having had a reaction earlier in the day to his medication.

We discussed his condition; unfortunately, he told me that his tumor, =
which had returned, to his spine had gone malignant. He will undergo a =
biopsy on Friday (not a good day to call) and will probably follow with =
radiation treatment.

He sounded pleased with the recent father/son ceramic show that he and =
his father Steven had presented at the Thayer Academy. I am amazed at =
his acceptance of his condition and his willingness to do whatever is =
needed to improve.

His phone number (to repeat) is 617-355-3920. His parents can often be =
reached at the nurses station at 617-355-8096.

If you want to send a card or letter, his address is Room 619 at

Children's Hospital Boston
300 Longwood Avenue=20
Boston, MA 02115

Steven's email address is

Charles Moore