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updated fri 13 feb 04


mel jacobson on mon 9 feb 04

"Subject: Tile Making and Speedy Drying Time??
I am currently making relief tiles, and I am trying to figure out
how to dry them faster. I am definitely a novice, and right now, I
allow them to 'air dry' which takes about 3 or 4 weeks. I can't
really stack them one on top of the other since they are differing
sizes and thicknesses, but I do dry them sandwiched between two
drywall boards in order to minimize the warping. I still want them
to remain 'relatively' flat on one side. Does anyone have any
suggestions on this? Someone with much more experience than myself
advised me to dry them near a heat source, but how do I do this
while still trying to minimize warping? I would love to cut the
drying time down to two weeks or LESS. Thank you in advance for
your assistance with this. Sherri -"

Cindi Anderson on tue 10 feb 04

Great idea. But what is the point of replacing the sandbags if they are in
a plastic bag?
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From: "Paulette Carr"
This is then weighted with sand bags (zip top
> plastic bags filled with sand). Every day, I change the paper, and the
bottom dry
> wall board, for dry pieces of newspaper and wall board, and replace the
> sandbags.

Paulette Carr on thu 12 feb 04


I guess that I didn't state that clearly ... in this case, the word replace
meant put it back, not substitute. What I meant was put the sandbags back on
top of the (replaced) newspapers again to keep everything under weight. The
tiles stay under weight until their color changes. It works very well to keep
even my large thin tiles from warping.

My best,

Cindi Anderson
>Great idea. But what is the point of replacing the sandbags if they are in
a plastic bag?