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smooth bottoms ,pitted faces, and no bones in pressiure cooker

updated fri 13 feb 04


lili krakowski on thu 12 feb 04

I'm with Elca about that valve grinding compound. But holding a small =
baby food jar in one hand, and my hat in the other, I asked my garagist =
for some of the stuff. As he buys it in a big drum he gave me a good =
dab, which has lasted me for years. I use it on a small piece of plate =
glass. (Glass stores will have small leftover pieces cheap) BUTT I =
smooth the feet of pots with a wooden tool after trimming.

On other rough bottoms I recommend Nivea.

Of course you wear goggles when grinding a pot with a flapwheel. As I =
have learned from my endless grinding down of rust on m,y pickup,flap =
wheels do throw off grit and a face mask is a really good idea--wearing =

Elizabeth David warned years ago (already yet) NOT to cook bones in a =
pressure cooker. Whether you are cooking a chicken cum bones, or a pot =
roast, or just plain bones for stock, the pressure cooker will give =
whatever a GLUEY TASTE. I cook my absorption test tiles along with eggs =
or potatoes. =20

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage