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i will be a commercial exhibitor at the 'nceca' conference..."bison

updated tue 17 feb 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on sun 15 feb 04

Studios" that is, and hope to see you there...

Hi all,


If any of you have held curiousities as to whether I shall
be at the up-coming 'nceca' in the Commercial Exhibition
Hall..the answer is (as of the almost last minute
arrangements I have just made for it a couple days ago, and
so now must about kill myself wirh long days or bust to get
ready for it on such short notice and all...)


As many people in the San Diego event, afterward mentioned
that they never were able to find me, oweing to how
cluttered and senseless and full of blind-turns the lay-out
of the cheezy 'Hall' was, I
want you to feel assured that I shall be there in
Indianapolis, even if it is once again, difficult to find

So, if you do not see me, grab one of them 'nceca' employees
by the collars and shake 'em good and hard untill they tell
you where I am at, or make 'em grab that exhibitor-layout
Map and lead the way.

One may look for my ( yes, it has been 'fireproofed' and yes
I have my 'certificate' to prove it, and no I will not use
the aweful
tablecloths they provide,) "Blue" Table Cloth whose front
says "BISON" on it in big old time Circus letters...


Best wishes all!

See you there!

Should I bring a light Sweater? Is latter March at all
'chilly' in good old Indianapolis?


Philip Poburka
proprietor - maker
Bison Studios
Las Vegas