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brushing glazes need input

updated thu 19 feb 04


Barbara Kobler on wed 18 feb 04

Dear Clayart Members,

For 40 years I've mixed glazes and used the same mix whether it was dipped poured or brushed on.

SITUATION: Re Laguna Morrocan Sand Liquid and Premix Dry Powder Glazes. In the large retirement community studio--300 people with no glaze experience beyond use of store bought glaze during the few years since they've retired, I serve as a volunteer chairman of the glaze department and a controversy has begun to stir about brushing glazes.

We have about 80 cone 5 and raku glazes in the studio. Most are store bought in liquid form, about 20 made from premix dry glazes, about 10 made from scratch.

We purchase Laguna morrocan sand glazes both in pint liquid jars and in a premixed dry powder form. Laguna markets the liquid pints as "brushing" glazes and labels them as such.

The studio has been purchasing the same glaze in two forms: both in a liquid pint for brushing and in a dry powder form to mix up in 5 gal buckekts for dipping and pouring. We are short on shelf space and I have started removing the small liquid pint jars when the same glaze is duplicated in the large buckets.

THE PROBLEM: Some people are "stirring the pot" of group dynamics by complaining that the pint jars of glaze are not the same as the one in the bucket because Laguna has stated on their label that they are for brushing. That the large batch in the buckets shouild not be brushed and ones labeled "brushing" should not be poured.

I know there is probably CMC or one of the other substitutes that is added to extend drying time. But I have never ever seen any difference when brushing on one of the bucket glazes made from premixed dry powder and the same glaze sold in a liquid pint as a brushing" glaze.

I've always looked at it as good marketing. But recently I do recall there being some discussion about brushability of glazes.

Q 1. What do you all think? Isn't this like a tempest in a teapot.
Q 2. If I were to add something to extend brushing time, what would
you all suggest? CMC in liquid form after it is mixed and aged or something else.
Q 3. How much to 1 pint of liquid? A teaspooon?
Q.4. Can any of you support my position that they are the same and not bother to add anything? Or, am I off the wall?

Barbara Kobler