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canopies ...should i go with... light dome or

updated tue 24 feb 04


barblund on mon 23 feb 04

Well.. I have been a at number of shows where the craft huts went right over
and parts broke while the wind rolled over the Light Domes! Now, the Light
Dome will "walk" in the wind if it is not weighted and anchored but I have
never had mine blow over or walk more than a few inches. I have actually
only seen one blown down and that was in a mini cyclone situation. I have
been using a Light Dome for about 10 years-original frame except for one
piece. The worst I can say about is that it helps to be over 6 ft tall
when setting it up (I am a very round 5'4") and the plastic joints on the
awning arms are weak and break more easily than I wish. With weights, tie
downs ,sidewalls,frame, top, and all, it takes me 45 minutes to get it up by
myself. with help, it is about 1/2 the time and if I were younger it would
take less time as well! I use it at about 16 shows a year-being of the
breed of potter who makes all of her living doing pots and making most of
the $ at street fairs!
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> I studied this years ago and went with the Craft Hut and glad that I
> It has done well by me the 12 years I have had it and is sturdy and water
> tight, and has a cool door and skylights/ It survives most winds with
weights in
> the corners, when I have seen others blown over. .