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updated tue 24 feb 04


Charles Hughes on mon 23 feb 04

I do this to keep the heat from building up too fast. Too fast meaning above the boiling point of water before it has all been forced out of the pieces by the heat.


Maurice Weitman wrote:

Taking a moment to luxuriate in a dust-free, carpeted room (although
I love being in my garage, shlepping, demolishing, wiring, plumbing,
building, etc.) I thought I'd ask a related question.

I've seen folks begin firing a bisque load in an electric kiln with
the door cracked open for several hours, or overnight, even though
the kiln has a vent attached.

Why??? Is there any condition where this might be necessary? It
flies in the face of what I know about how and why these vents are

I suppose it's possible that it would be desirable for higher rates
of air exchange during the early portions of the firing, but I'm not
sure about that, either.

What do you think?



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