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calling all english teachers

updated wed 25 feb 04


primalmommy on tue 24 feb 04

This is what I wrote for the juried show. Please critique! (off list
it's primalmommy(at) I have to send it as is tomorrow,
unless somebody tells me it's really bad. I can fix stuff in the
meantime. Be relentless... grammar, sentence structure, excess blather,
tell me the truth. Thanks in advance.

p.s. The piece is called "CORE SAMPLE", and it's 2 ft tall, 7 inch
diameter cylinder of layered colored clays, roulette-imprinted, with
recognizable "artifacts" in some of the layers: at the bottom, ammonites
and trilobites and shell fossils... higher, pot shards and arrowheads
and basketry/grains... above, a bone button, lead bullet, bits of
willowware plate... above, a small porcelain doll figure cast from a
little antique one... then big chunks of "brick"... a screw, a bottle
cap, a dime (which melted, kinda cool..) and then on top of the whole
thing, a six inch chunk of concrete topped with an inch or two of
asphalt. (picture core sampling in a walmart parking lot.)

here's my statement... hopefully not "artballs" as janet would say...

"I have always been fascinated by geographic strata, whether in
the dynamited cross sections along mountain highways, or the water-
carved cliffs by the shores. I had little interest in the
printed text of my college Geology book but was drawn
to the illustrations, which denoted layers of soil, rock
and clay by designs of by stripes, dots, and other
graphic symbols explained on the "key".

As the scuba-certified wife of an environmental biologist, I
have assisted him the collection of core samples from the
bottom sediments of small glacial lakes. When the clear tubes
are pulled up out of the muck, they are layered
in stripes of light and dark, waiting to be decoded.
Research can unravel 150 years of lake history in ten
inches of core. There are thin, annual stripes of winterkilled
vegetation, and white lines of diatom skeletons. Lines mark the year
the outhouses disappeared around the lake, the year the road went
in, even the layers of cesium that denote during the years of
above ground nuclear testing.

This "Core sample" is coil built from various stoneware clays, local
from the glacial lakes, stone, cement and asphalt,
and is meant to be a symbolic record of the layers of human history we
have left in the dirt."

ok. fire at will.


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Elizabeth R Cohen on tue 24 feb 04


Tried to e-mail you at off-list address you gave and it bounced back.
Please e-mail me off-list.

Elizabeth Cohen

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Lee love on wed 25 feb 04

That's reads great Kelly!

Do you have any photos on the web of our "core sample" work?
In St. Paul, my wife Jean was a W.A.R.M. mentor ( ) One of the artists she
worked with, a weaver, periodically traveled down from the Iron Range to
St. Paul to work with Jean. She used actual core samples from the
mines and incorporated them into her work.

Your statement made me want to see the work. That's exactly
what it should do!

--Lee In Mashiko

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difference. If you don't have it in the heart, nothing you make will
make a difference." ~~Bernard Leach~~ (As told to Dean Schwarz)