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nceca agenda

updated wed 25 feb 04


Christy Pines on tue 24 feb 04

I've looked on the NCECA conference web site, trying to find an agenda. I want to attend, but can only be there briefly, certainly not for the whole conference. With other conferences when this is the case (I work in corporate training, and there are *always* conferences), I usually try to snag a copy of the agenda, so that I can know which sessions are being conducted when.

Does anyone know of, or could anyone point me to, a calendar of events at the conference?


christy in connecticut, all fired up to do some new work, thanks to a weekend workshop with Tom Coleman in NC. Wow!

MJ Moriarty on tue 24 feb 04

On the NCECA website, under Conferences, Upcoming, Preliminary Conference
Program, you can download the agenda in either PDF or MS Word.