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what to wear/say/high school questions

updated wed 25 feb 04


sdr on tue 24 feb 04

Ok, Kelly. Calm yourself. An opening at a college/university
may be anything - depends on the school. In my experience,
the artist can/does wear whatever they want. Since this is not
helpful to you, here's my suggestion: wear something comfortable,
for starts - if you stay for the whole opening time, you'll be glad
of it. Don't wear clay-covered clothes (though I've done that,
I don't recommend it). Jeans, slacks, a nice sweater (or shirt,
in case the gallery is smothering hot & jammed with people). It
probably won't be fancy,but you (and whomever else) are the
artists. Though this may sound silly, whatever YOU wear will be
the right thing. Because YOU are the artist. The last two openings
I attended, 95% of the people were wearing all BLACK. Black
jeans, coats, turtlenecks, long black leather range coats (you know,
for when they have to saddle up and go round up the cattle in a cold rain).
And then (truly) they watched each other more than they looked at the
work, so.....hmmmmm. As I said, calm is good, even if superficial.
I do hope they have pedestals for the work, but that don't mean fancy
stockings, unless you just happen to like that.

You likely won't be judged on your attire, unless, as you said, there
ISN'T any.....

RE: Artist's statement/explanation: Don't make it any longer than
you need to, no matter what they asked for. Filling a statement with
artspeak is possible, but boring unless you can be truly funny. Which
of course you can, now that I think of it. They asked for a hundred
words, but that doesn't mean it must be that. They'll take what you
give them, honest - the other stuff is just guidelines.

If this is insufficiently helpful and altogether too general, email me off
the list and I'll tell you stories of my own adventures and quandaries.
(There was a book somewhere on my grandmother's bookshelf called
"My Six Years in a Quandary", I still love that title.)


Dannon Rhudy

> OK, potters, after I get home there's going to be an opening reception
> for this juried show I crowed about
> recently. I have never done this before and have questions.
> Here's the info they sent me:
> "The exhibit will be open March 1 - 19, Monday through Friday, during
> regular college hours in the galleries of
> the Visual and Performing Arts Center at SC4, with an opening reception
> March 1st from 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
> The opening will be followed by jurors' comments and a lecture on the
> role of art in environmental issues at the
> monthly meeting of the Blue Water Audubon Society. "

Carl Finch on tue 24 feb 04

At 09:31 AM 2/24/2004 -0500, sdr wrote:

>(There was a book somewhere on my grandmother's bookshelf called
>"My Six Years in a Quandary", I still love that title.)

Granny musta had the Reader's Digest condensed version. ;-)

The full one was "My TEN Years in a Quandary," and the author was Robert
Benchley. I always loved that title, too, and as a teenager, read all the
Benchley I could get my hands on!

in Medford, Oregon