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nceca dance guest ticket

updated sun 29 feb 04


Kristin on thu 26 feb 04

I can't get to NCECA until Thursday night, so I'm
going to register on-site for Friday only. From what
I understand, this means I cannot attend the dance?

Gloom, dispair, agony and pain!

But wait, I think there's a loophole -- I can be
someone's guest, right? Beware, everyone. I'm going
to be scouting around on Friday looking for someone
who wants me to be their date for the dance. Har har.

Can't wait. - Kristin

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Gregory Evans on sat 28 feb 04

Your information concerning the dance is incorret. Here is what is posted
on the WEB site:

Guest Dance Tickets will be sold to registered attendees who wish to take
a guest to the dance and to day attendees at the door (Marriott Ballroom)
beginning at 9:00 p.m. on Friday, March 19. Price: $15 each ticket.
REMINDER =96 all registered attendees must wear their name badge for