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rutile and revenge of the biscuits was:crystal glaze drips

updated fri 27 feb 04


Nana Underhill on thu 26 feb 04

Hi all-
Just wanted to thank you for educating me about the nature of crystal
glazes. Boy do I feel silly!

Well, I talked to the director about making some biscuits for underneath the
pots, and he liked the idea. I think this will eventually give us a little
more freedom in the glaze room, and I think that it will also make cleaning
the bottoms of pots a little more important on a personal level instead of
just-a-polite-thing-to-do. It's one thing if some other person has to
scrape your glaze off the kiln shelf. It's another entirely if you have to
deal with your own biscuit.

Alisa mentioned that it was the rutile that was doing the lightening of
other glazes, so I'm going to try doing some tests in a clear base, and see
what works without dripping too much.

Nana Underhill