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cups and bowls - fun question !

updated sun 29 feb 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 27 feb 04

Looking into my own experience, I do not find there is any
clear distinction between Cups and Bowls...(or that they are
each a kind of other, and seem to relate or overlap with
Caps too...)

Nor does the presence of Handles seem to make the
difference - Sugar Bowls for example...

I have seen playful Cappucino Cups as held easily a half
Gallon...and I have made what everyone thought of as Bowls
as were less than an inch across...

One may have Table settings as have what everyone calls Cups
and Saucers, and as include a Sugar Bowl as is no larger
than the Cups are, and, as may in fact be smaller.

Alcohol intoxication is still spoken of sometimes as someone
being 'in their Cups', yet, practically, no one has ever
seen anyone drink licquor from what they would call a
'cup' least not now-a-days...

Dice Cups...

Double "D" Cup ( not a Bowl?)

On and on...

One Cups their hand, but does not speak nor hear-tell of
Bowling one's hand.

The Super Bowl ( not Cup?)

Probably Bowl and Ball are related as for shape or segment
of shape ( or seem to me to be,) while Cup relates to
something else...may be Cap and Cup are Cap not
from the Latin as indicates 'head' in some
way?...figuratively thence as top in various ways, or
exceeding something...

On Vehicles or other Machinery, or, on what now are older
ones anyway, one has what are spoken of as Grease Cups, Oil
Cups, and Hub Caps ( not to be confused with 'Wheel Covers'
as are not Hub Caps...even though almost everyone now-a-days
speaks of Wheel Covers as such...) While the Hub Caps tended
to be much larger then either of those two kinds of
Bowls...and...the Carburetor tends to have a resevior Bowl
( not-a-cup, not-a-cap).

I think the terms are not decisive in our common use, but
casual, and overlap with no clear reason for something being
one or the other connotatively...other than usually
something called a Bowl seems to tend to be larger than
something called a Cup...although some kinds of cups may be
larger than some kinds of bowls...


Las Vegas

Ababi Sharon on sat 28 feb 04

Cup: You drink and go on. Like you meet the cop and hope that you go on!
The bowl and the mug you want to hug!


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Looking into my own experience, I do not find there is any
clear distinction between Cups and Bowls...(.