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paret time booth assistant wanted for the 'nceca' - includes full

updated sat 28 feb 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 27 feb 04

admission to the whole she-bang...

Dear all,

As I am on my sweet and lonely this round, I could use a
little help at my Booth in the Commercial Exhibition Hall of
the grand, annual, 'nceca' pow-wow.

If I may have the assistance of some kind and
scrooooooopulously honest and personable Soul, for say two
arbitrary hours a day, each day, or something close to that,
or a good faith effort to try and do that and make it seem
'convincing', you may in return have a full,
honest-to-goodness Official 'nceca' pass as gets you into
enerything there is to get into, and then some ( even the
Cocktail Party 'mixer' with all the muck-a-mucks I they still do that? - anyway...)

Interested parties please apply off-list to:

Thank you!


Philip Poburka
Bison Studios
Las Vegas