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radison hotel 'nceca' room mate wanted to share

updated sat 28 feb 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 27 feb 04

genteel accomidations of the Hotel...

Well...not for nothin'...

But, if you are a gee-man or gal, or work for the feds in
some way or other...the same room as is a buck-and-a-bird
( $125.00) with the 'good-guy' nceca deal...will run you

Indianna also enjoys C.C.W. reciprocity with all other
States, if that is of interest to you, or in case you have
other business of some kind to manage while there...and...

Seeing as how just got a nice room with a view and two big
seperate beds ( smoking of course) and just made friends
with the State Police as well as Metro as well as the
Radison central room-deal maker, who all said 'Welcome to
Indiannee and have a nice time'...the room has computer
terminal access, ashtrays, Coffee pot and and so on for the
whole week, if anyone would like to share it, let me know
and we can do that.

I am of quiet, modest, and civil habits and I sleep like a
silent, contented, proverbial and angelic bah-haye-bee...

Gender, race, creed or other handicaps
unimportant...although please, no snorers or somnambulists
should (out of kindness) apply...


Las Vegas