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what to wear/say/high school questions - and also matters of

updated sat 28 feb 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 27 feb 04


Hi Carl, all....

Too, there was a Book titled "People in Quandaries" (printed
maybe 1940? 1936? 1946?) as is among the finest Books I ever
briefly scanned. I found a copy some years ago, scanned a
little that day, and was very impressed, and I then got
flooded here and most of my Books got put into storage where
they remain to this day...

Someday I will bring it all back home and read
so very well considered and interesting.

Robert Benchly was fun indeed...I used to read him sometimes
in hi-school, when in my first year, I'd just cut classes
go into the 'staff' room in the school library and open the
otherwise locked door with a thin piece of wire or a card to
slip the
spring bolt-latch, and sit in there and read. After most of
first year, I used to just leave entirely instead, usually
hitch-hiking to the Beach...a much better
method of sanity...and education...

So far as clothes for the 'nceecee' event...

'Comfortable Shoes' , and, 'Sensable Shoes' come to mind...

As well as..."Blot, don't rub" far as a general
admonishment, useful to all...especially when travelling ,
or dining-out in one's better Clothes at Restaurants and so

Las Vegas

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From: "Carl Finch"

> At 09:31 AM 2/24/2004 -0500, sdr wrote:
> >(There was a book somewhere on my grandmother's bookshelf
> >"My Six Years in a Quandary", I still love that title.)
> Granny musta had the Reader's Digest condensed version.
> The full one was "My TEN Years in a Quandary," and the
author was Robert
> Benchley. I always loved that title, too, and as a
teenager, read all the
> Benchley I could get my hands on!
> --Carl
> in Medford, Oregon